Monday, May 3, 2010

Doi Inthanon Chiang Mai

With a great height of 2565 meters, Doi Inthanon is known as the tallest mountain in Thailand. Primarily, Doi Inthanon was called Doi Luang referring to its gigantic peak and Doi Ang Ka or “crow pond peak” because there was once a pond frequently visited by crows on th peak of the mountain.

Doi Inthanon Chiang Mai
A new name of Doi Inthanon was given as a honor to King Inthawichayanon, whose name was locally called as King Inthanon. Before Lanna Kingdom was merged into Siam, King Inthawichayanon was the seventh ruler of Chiang Mai's last dynasty. He showed a great concern for forest before any green movement launched and that makes him an environmentalist of the early-day.

The peak of Doi Luang is served as a rest place for King Inthawichayanon since 1897. Visitors interested in paying respect to King Inthanon are welcome to go to King Inthanon Memorial Shrine housed ashes of King Inthawichayanon within Doi Inthanon National Park.
<br />Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the early fourteen national parks established in Thailand since 1954. The park boundaries have been redrawn twice, in 1972 and 1975, to expand its property to the current 482 sq kms. Since Doi Inthanon National Park has covered altitude ranging from 800 meter straight up to the peak reached 2565 meters, it experinces various kinds of climate. Thus, it is home to 362 different species of birds, and has become the second highest number of Thai National Parks.

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